Apple removes 11 categories from the Mac App Store


Published on Nov 02, 2018


As the title, and in a totally unexpected, Apple has removed 11 categories from the Mac App Store. The tab Categories, in fact, currently it shows only 10 options with respect to the 21 we're used to. Among the items deleted include Finance, lifestyle, and Sports.

The move has disappointed not just app developers that rely on specific categories for the availability of their creations. Many initially believed that the change was due to a bug, but Apple has confirmed on Twitter that the removal of these elements is due to “an expected behavior”. Anything abnormal then.

OK, thanks. As it turns out, what you are noticing is expected behavior. We always appreciate hearing customer feedback. You can leave your thoughts here:

— Apple Support (@AppleSupport) November 1, 2018

With so many titles in the Mac App Store, it is difficult for the developer to point out their applications. The more categories there are, the greater the chances are for the programs to appear somewhere in a list of downloads, or search results filtered, that also offers a degree of visibility and a valuable aid for the hypothetical buyers.

The unexpected move has seen disappear some categories, such as those mentioned above, namely Finance, lifestyle, and Sports, but also Education, Entertainment, Travel and Weather and other.

It is not clear why Apple has made this change. A greater number of categories is not only good for developers; it helps buyers to find the app right in a short time, filtering, and excluding, those which are not adapted to their needs.

Regarding the store of mobile applications, instead, we point out that on the App Store for iOS the categories are 24.

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