Apple releases watchOS 6 GM to the developers. Here is the complete changelog!


Published on Sep 11, 2019


Apple releases watchOS 6 GM to the developers. Here is the complete changelog!

Apple has just released the developers version of GM's watchOS 6. The GM is also shown the complete changelog of all the novelties introduced with the new watchOS.

Here is the complete changelog:

watchOS 6 offers a myriad of new possibilities to stay connected, to lead a more active lifestyle and to get information on your state of health with the brand new app for the Apple Watch, including Monitoring Cycle, Noise, Voice Memos, audio books, Calculator and, for the first time, the App Store for the Apple Watch. In addition, the functionality Trend in the app Task offers a completely new way to keep an eye on your exercise level in the course of time.

Monitoring Cycle
• The new app Monitoring the Cycle allows you to record data related to the menstrual cycle including the intensity of the flow, the symptoms and the spotting.
• You will have the ability to record data relating to fertility, including basal body temperature, and the results of the ovulation test.
• Due to the forecast of the menstruation and related notifications, you will receive notice when the next menstruation is approaching.
• Thanks to the forecast of the fertile period and the related notifications, you will receive a warning when your fertile period is approaching.

• With the new app, the Noise you will be able to view in real time the level of noise in the environment, measured in decibels.
• Possibility to receive a notification if the level of noise in the surrounding environment can have consequences for your hearing in the course of time.
• Available on the Apple Watch Series 4.

Voice Memos
• Now you can record voice memos by Apple Watch.
• Listen to voice memos from the speaker integrated in the Apple Watch or connect a Bluetooth device.
• Rename the records through the functionality of dictation or handwriting.
• Automatic synchronization of new voice memos on the iPhone, iPad or Mac via iCloud.

• Sync the audiobooks that you have downloaded from the Apple of your Books on iPhone in the Apple Watch.
• You can sync the book you're reading, up to a maximum of 5 hours.
• You can listen to your audiobooks streaming with a connection to the mobile network or Wi-Fi.

The App Store
• Discover and install apps for the Apple Watch again from the App Store.
• Browse apps collections and selected for you.
• Search the app by using Siri, the feature of dictation or handwriting.
• View descriptions of apps, reviews and screenshots.
• Support of the feature “Sign in with Apple”.

• Keep an eye on the trends of your physical activity in the app Activity on iPhone.
• Functionality Trend shows the data related to your physical activity over the last 90 days, in comparison to your performance in the last 365 days. The data include: the number of minutes of movement and exercise, the hours “In feet, the distance traveled, the level of cardio-fitness (V02 max), the rhythm of walking and running. Also, for users in wheelchairs are available for the following data: “Pause active”, minutes, “Pause active” workouts of wheelchair standard beat and at a fast pace.
• If the arrows of the trends are pointing to the bottom, you can see specific tips that will help you get back in shape.

• Introduced a new parameter that indicates the altitude for training, running, outdoor, walking, outdoor, bike, outdoor, and trekking. Available on the Apple Watch Series 2 and later models.
• During training, you can constantly see the app Chronometer on the dial.
• You can play your playlist of workout in a random order.
• Support GymKit for products True and Woodway.

• Discover the title of the song is playing with Shazam. You can get information about the song and about the artist and add the song to your library of Apple's Music.
• Support web search with Siri: you can see up to 5 search results and the functionality to display content with a touch has been optimized for the Apple Watch.
• The new app is Looking for People supports Siri, and requests related to the position.

• Styles “Digit monochrome” and “Digit two-tone” feature dials digital with Arabic numbers, indian numbers, roman numerals and devanagari.
• The style of the Sundial has the dial with a black or white background that fills the screen, and four complications in the quadrants, secondary (only available for the Apple Watch Series 4).
• The Gradient style, offering a design that changes with the passage of time. Available in full screen or circular with a maximum of five complications (only available for the Apple Watch Series 4).
• The California-style features dials with roman numerals, Arabic numerals and devanagari, full screen or circular (only available for the Apple Watch Series 4).
• The style of the Solar lets you follow the movement of the sun in the form of an arc track on the dial 24 hours (only available for the Apple Watch Series 4).
• The style of “Modular” compact features a greater number of options for the complications, and the possibility to choose between the analogue format and the digital (only available for the Apple Watch Series 4).
• The option to “Tap to read the time,” is available on all the dials and supports more than 30 languages.
• Ability to set and customize the ringing in order to receive an alert every hour, every half hour or every 15 minutes through feedback and haptic or sound customizable.
• Possibility to rearrange the quadrants directly from Apple Watch.
• New complications to the Audiobooks, Calculator, Monitor, Loop, Noise, Wind, Rain, Voice Memos and for the cellular connectivity.
• New complications monochrome dials infograph and “infograph modular”.

Additional features and improvements
• The new Calculator app is able to calculate tips and split the bill between multiple people.
• The Podcasts app now supports custom stations.
• The Maps app includes navigation features step-by-step and spoken.
• The functionality renewed “In play” now supports remote control of Apple TV.
• In the section “For you” are available to selected tracks specially for you.
• Automatic software updates.
• The app Walkie-Talkie is completely renewed.
• A greater number of settings available directly on the Apple Watch, including Accessibility, Training, and Health.
• The new app People Search allows you to add friends, set notifications and change the settings directly from the Apple Watch.
• From the Reminders app, completely renewed, you can view the shared lists, the secondary activities and add new reminders directly from the Apple Watch.


Some of the features may not be available in all countries or in all areas. For more information go to the website: https//
For information on the security content of the updates, Apple software, go to the website: https/./


Please note that watchOS 6 should be released at all in the day of 19 September, along with iOS 13.

watchOS 6 requires iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13, or the next, and one of the following models of Apple Watch:




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