Apple releases the new dashboard Apple Music for Artists


Published on Jan 22, 2018


Apple has implemented a new dashboard for musicians called the Apple Music for Artists, which allows you to have an analyst in-depth on the habits of buying and listening to users. And online is also available in a new spot dedicated to Apple Music.

At the moment, the new dashboard Apple Music for Artists is available for a few thousand artists chosen by Apple. After the first stage of testing, the official launch will take place in the spring. The interface is simple and clean, with Apple that will allow artists to read many more data, especially on the habits of listening and purchase on Apple's Music and iTunes Store.

There will be detailed information on the number of reproductions and spin, with the possibility to set the range of time that goes from the last 24 hours to the launch of Apple's Music in 2015.

Artists will be able to divide and analyze the data in many ways, among which are the global map, age, sex, and more. You can further examine the demographics of the listeners to the city, recalling for example how many times the women between 16 and 24 years in Los Angeles have listened to a particular song.

Another interesting feature is the one that allows artists to see the data on their tracks that are included in the playlists curated by Apple.

Apple has also created a new spot dedicated to Apple's Music, Rag'n Bone Man:

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