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Published on Feb 13, 2018


The vast ecosystem of Apple products is among the most sought after and desired by the public for their quality and reliability. However, like all precious things, the prices are not within the reach of all! But thanks to the Apple devices which have been reconditioned, now this rock is exceeded and if you are hesitant about their quality and reliability, then you should take a look at what we are about to tell you.

In recent times, sellers imposing as Amazon, eBay, or even the same as Apple, you are keenly interested in the world of refurbished providing products that are not only fully functional (and equal to new), but also controlled by expert hands and, above all, covered by the warranty. In short, you need to decide on your next Apple device:

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Often we make the mistake of confusing a device refurbished with a simple product used: nothing more wrong! The devices used – first of all – have had one owner (which is not the case for reconditioned), but, above all, are resold in the state in which they are delivered, and without any warranty.

A refurbished product is a device returned to manufacturer (or a customer agreement with it) that is being controlled – by qualified personnel – in every component, and going to replace any defective parts and reinstallandone the operating system.

In short, Apple's refurbished products are devices that respond to the quality standards of the brand, considered then “new” and with a great warranty certified! If you still have doubts about it, or want to learn more, we have dedicated an entire article where we talked about the Apple Certified Refurbished, warranty terms and the purchase of the products from the official site: take a look below!

Apple certified refurbished: because convieneOgni Apple certified refurbished product undergoes a process of regeneration that makes it equal to the new, with a warranty and a considerable savings!Applericondizionato refurbished Apple certified refurbished apple

Below you will find a buying guide to all of the Apple products refurbished and certified by the online store, more reliable and, of course, the official store of the Apple. As said all these devices are protected by a limited warranty that, in general, valid for a period of 12 months from the purchase. And you, as a product of the “apple” 're looking for?

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If you are looking for a Desktop PC, then the line of Mac products is the right one for all your needs. Apple offers essentially 3 main categories: Macbook laptops from 11" to 15" ultra-thin), Mac mini (Desktop PCS, laptops) and iMac (Desktop PC built into the monitor).

This is the first time that you buy a Mac and do not know which or what to choose? Take a quick look at our guide on which Mac or Macbook to buy and once you have chosen all that remains is to see the following store to buy one guaranteed and total reliability! Let's see now:

The official channel to buy Apple devices refurbished is obviously the store the main, where there is a whole section dedicated to refurbished. More specifically, if you are interested in the Mac reconditioned, you can refer to the following page:

At this point you will be faced with a page similar to the one shown below where you can take a look at the entire catalog of Mac reconditioned. Using the side menu on the left, however, you'll have access to all of the subcategories – and then Macbook, Mac mini, and iMac – and finally you can choose the model that suits you.

Normally on the Apple Store, purchasing a Mac certified refurbished, you can save typically 200 to 500 € (from 15% to 20%) depending on the conditions of device and year of production. All products have a 1-year limited warranty, which you can consult in particular on the dedicated page.

Another store is absolutely reliable, for the purchase of products made in Cupertino is definitely the giant Amazon, which thanks to Amazon's Renewed, you can access a lot of refurbished products that are certified and guaranteed for 12 months. To consult the catalogue of the Mac reconditioned please visit the following link:

The prices of Amazon, do not differ much from those that you have found on the official store, often because the retailer is Apple. However, you can also find other retailers and save even more. Of course, always look at the feedback of each seller and read the description. Here are a few examples:

Also eBay offers a wide range of refurbished products, and of course could not miss the Apple products. Also here most of the Mac has a limited warranty of 12 months, but sifting the good results you can find deals that are truly amazing:

This is because in the refurbished eBay you will not find only remanufactured products from Apple but also from third-party vendors or contracted. Anyway, our advice is always to choose sellers with a “TOP Reliability,” and to always read very carefully the description of the object to know the state and the guarantee of the product.

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Among the many Apple products, the melafonini are definitely among the devices sold. They offer excellent performance and a software attention to detail. In this regard, we had already dedicated an article to the best sites to buy iPhone refurbished, but here will go down even more in detail:

Thanks to Amazon Renewed you can access a lot of iPhone reconditioned and certified – 1 year warranty – going to save really a lot on the list price. The catalog is very rich: iPhone 4, 5, 5C, 6, SE, 7, 8 (and with a bit of luck you will find possibly some of the iPhone X) in all the colours and the cuts of memory. Take a look here:

For filter best results, use the left sidebar, and look for your iPhone-bookmark – for example – according to the amount of internal memory that you want. In the top right and finally, you can sort the results according to some preferences and show the results, for example, from the lowest price. Here are a few examples:

In the same way Amazon, the refurbished eBay will allow you to find many exciting offers! In the wide range of refurbished products, in fact, it will not be difficult to find your desired template. As always, however, we recommend that you always and only sellers with a “TOP Reliability,” and with a good feedback! Take a look here:

Find, your model will be a breeze and also the majority of sellers – who usually offer a warranty of 12 months – it indicates in the description the condition in which the object is located, providing an opinion through the letters of the alphabet. A product in a condition “A” is aesthetically (but only aesthetically!) less ruined of a product “AB” or “B”.

A eBay seller that we strongly advise you to consult – that is also a wholesaler – is eco-shop that has TOP reliability, free delivery, warranty and incredible prices on new products! Some examples of that? Here it is served:



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As for the iPhone, the iPad is basically the tablet version of the iPhone, and are particularly appreciated for their features that make these devices real laptops, especially if you add a wireless keyboard for the iPad.

Unlike the iPhone, however, you can buy an iPad from the official site, gaining thus an official warranty, Apple of 12 months from the date of purchase. Obviously, however, you will find great deals even on Amazon and eBay. Let's see in detail:




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