Apple publishes the annual report devoted to environmental responsibility


Published on Apr 20, 2017


Apple has published its current report on the environmental liability of 2017, which illustrates all the efforts made by the company in 2016 to make its operations more environmentally friendly.

In addition to the continuous push Apple towards the use of renewable sources of energy is completely renewable, this year's report highlights the ambition to escape from the extraction of raw materials from various suppliers, to focus on renewable resources and recycled materials.

The report confirms what was said yesterday by a director of the company: Apple has the goal of passing from a supply chain to a closed chain that will eliminate the need to rely on the extraction of raw materials in the mines are mostly present in african territory. Apple wants to totally commit to the recycled material, so as to reduce the amount of waste. This is a huge step forward towards environmental sustainability of all of the devices produced by APple.

The report has considerably more detail on how Apple has created risk profiles of the material to identify risk factors, global, social, environmental, and supply and, hence, determine which material priorities and describe some of the initiatives of recycling the Apple and successes within their own supply chain and Reduction of waste to landfill.

In the report there are also details on how Apple is working to reduce the use of water, taking advantage of recycled water taken from other sources. In this context, Apple has also aided the third-party suppliers to decrease the use of water in all their operations related to the company's products.

Many have been the efforts to use recycled paper, with the Apple in 2016 has used 62% of a paper of this type for all of its packaging. For example, the packaging of the iPhone 7 is made with a mix of bamboo fibre and bagasse collected in a sustainable manner, starting from the production of sugar cane. Also, for the first time Apple has planted more new trees than those used for packaging.

Finally, Apple continues to increase the use of renewable energy in its facilities, with a percentage close to 96%. Efforts now focus on third-party suppliers.

In the meantime, Apple has posted a celebratory video dedicated to the Day of the Earth:

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