Apple protects the privacy of users... even after their death!


Published on Jan 18, 2016


Apple keeps us so much in the privacy of its users, so much to protect it, even after their death. This is what happened in Canada...

An elderly woman has received an inheritance from her deceased husband a nice iPad, on which he had installed his favourite card game. The lively seventy knew the code to unlock the device, but not the password of the Apple account of the husband, so he has not been able to update the game, nor re-install it. In short, he could no longer play cards on the iPad.

“I thought that was a ridiculous thing!” said Peggy Bush at the CBC, “I have received the pension of my husband, I had all the benefits of the case by the government... but have not managed to get a stupid password from Apple!“.

In practice, the world-famous card game has stopped working because it needed a major update. At that point, the lady realized not to know the password of the Apple ID of the husband and has asked the company to reset it (create a new account would mean losing all the purchases made on the iPad). To demonstrate that the iPad belongs to the elderly lady, her daughter has sent Apple a copy of the testament with death certificate, notarized and serial number of the iPad. In spite of all of these documents, Apple has responded that you have to have a court order to be able to deliver the password.

“We were baffled,” said daughter Donna Bush, “What they mean when they spoke of the tribunal's order? It is a ridiculous thing, because we could easily transfer the ownership of the house and the car with a death certificate and the will. But we were not able to transfer a account to Apple!”.

Fortunately, this story ended in the best way. Thanks to the intervention of the office Go Public CBC, Apple apologized for the “misunderstanding” and reset the password without any order of the court.

This curious story shows two things: that Apple protects our privacy, even after death, and that in the wills it is better to put also the password of the account!


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