Apple presents the new iPhone WHETHER (2020): from 499€ to 669€ in Italy. Here are all the features and the VIDEO


Published on Apr 15, 2020


Apple presents the new iPhone WHETHER (2020): from 499€ to 669€ in Italy. Here are all the features and the VIDEO

The day has arrived. Apple has officially unveiled the iPhone IF in 2020, with a design that we already know but everything is new inside. In this article let's see the new specifications and details. The price starts from 499€ in Italy for the version 64GB up to 669€ for the version with 256GB. Let us get right to the heart of the speech with the features of this smartphone which is so cheap it is not:

Today Apple unveiled the iPhone IF second-generation, a powerful new iPhone with a display Retina HD 4.7” and the safety evolution of the Touch ID. iPhone IF it has a compact design reinvented inside and out and is the iPhone more convenient. The new iPhone IF it has the chip A13 Bionic developed by Apple, the fastest ever on a smartphone and the height of the most demanding tasks, and the best system to single camera ever seen on an iPhone, which offers the advantages of computational photography such as Portrait mode; it is also designed to not fear the bad weather thanks to its resistance to water and dust.

iPhone IF it is available in the colors black, white, and (PRODUCT)RED, and on Friday, April 17, it will be possible to preordinarlo starting from €499.

“The first iPhone was a great success among customers who appreciated its combination of compact design, high performance and affordable price; the new iPhone IF the second generation has the same idea and improve it further, for example, by adding one of our best system a single camera to take pictures and video beautiful, while maintaining a very attractive price,” says Phil Schiller, apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing of Apple. “Thanks to the extraordinary power of the chip A13 Bionic, iPhone IF has a great battery life, takes beautiful close-ups in Portrait mode and photos with Smart HDR, record amazing videos with stereo sound and is perfect for video games and surfing the web at full speed. And, of course, has the safety features advanced that our users expect. We can't wait for the customers to be able to touch it with the hand.”

iPhone IF you have a design in aerospace aluminum and resistant glass with the front side completely black, and it is available in the colors black, white, and (PRODUCT)RED. The finish on the back glass with Apple logo in the center is the result of a staining process in seven layers, which allows to obtain colours, deep rich, shades and precise opacity is optimal, and the aluminum tone-on-tone matches perfectly to the glass. It is resistant to splashes and dust, with a rating of water resistance of IP67 up to 1 meter depth for 30 minutes.

The display Retina HD 4.7" with True Tone adjusts the white balance according to the ambient light to give the screen brightness to a more natural, paper-like. Has a wide range of colours that returns colors incredibly faithful and is compatible with content in Dolby Vision, and HDR10. iPhone IF you use touch with haptic feedback to give access to the quick actions, and how to animate a Live Photo, see the preview of a message, rearrange apps, and much more, and to open the context menu.

iPhone IF takes over the Home button, with a design sapphire crystal to make it durable and protect the sensor, and a stainless steel ring to detect the fingerprint of the user for Touch ID. To use the Touch ID is a convenient, safe and easy to unlock the iPhone without entering the code, enter the password using the Keychain, iCloud, access the app, authorize purchases on the App Store, and pay with Apple Pay.

The chip A13 Bionic, introduced with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, is the fastest ever seen on a smartphone and offers unprecedented performance for everything the users do with the iPhone IF. Ideal for photography, gaming and augmented reality experiences, the chip A13 Bionic makes everything more fluid.

Apple has created the chip A13 Bionic focusing on the machine learning: a Neural Engine 8-core processor that is capable of processing five thousand billion operations per second, two accelerators for machine learning on the CPU and a new controller ML, to balance performance and efficiency. Together, the chip A13 Bionic and iOS 13 open the way to new clever apps that use automatic learning, and Core-ML.

Built to be efficient, the chip A13 Bionic also allows you a great autonomy in the iPhone IF. iPhone IF it supports wireless charging with the charger certificates of Qi and is also compatible with the fast charging, which allows you to charge the battery to 50% in just 30 minutes.2 connections Wi-Fi 6, and LTE-class Gigabit offer download speeds extraordinary.3 And the dual-SIM eSIM allows you to have two phone numbers on one device, for example, when you are traveling abroad or need a dedicated number for work.

With a wide angle lens, 12MP camera and aperture with aperture of f/1.8, the iPhone IF it has the best system to single camera ever seen on an iPhone. The processor ISP and the Neural Engine of the chip A13 Bionic allow you to take advantage of the benefits of computational photography, such as Portrait mode, all of the six effects Lighting portrait, and Control the depth. And thanks to machine learning and estimation of depth in monocular, it is possible to take beautiful portraits with the front camera. iPhone IF offers Smart HDR of the new generation, which recognises the people in the shot and changing the lighting to return to more natural images, with incredible detail of light and shadow.

Users can shoot video even more engaging thanks to the stereo sound recording and video stabilization cinematic quality available on both cameras. The rear camera records 4K video up to 60 fps, and the dynamic range extended up to 30 fps produces footage that is more detailed in the illuminated parts. Customers can also use the video QuickTake on both cameras to record video clips without having to exit the Photo mode.

Thanks to the advanced features of the Camera app, and Photos in iOS 13, the native editing is still the most comprehensive and user-friendly, and includes powerful tools previously available only for photo editing.

iPhone WHETHER it will be available in 64GB models, 128GB and 256GB in the colors black, white and PRODUCT(RED), starting from 499€ in Italy. Customers can buy an iPhone even IF with rate from €14,95 per month, or at the price of €359 with a trade-in on in the Apple app Store and in the Apple Store.6 iPhone IF it is also available at Apple Authorized Resellers, and some operators of mobile telephony (prices may vary).


It will be possible to pre-order the iPhone IF on and in the Apple Store app from 14:00 to Friday 17 April Friday 24 April will be on sale by Apple, Apple Authorized Resellers, and some operators of mobile telephony in the United States and in over 40 Countries and territories.

This time Apple's change log with the version of RED: instead of only help the fight against AIDS, it will also help to stop the COVID-19. As it says on the website, part of the proceeds from the sale of the iPhone IF the (PRODUCT)RED will be destined directly to the bottom COVID-19 Response Fund for the Global Fund, which will help the Countries with greater need of PPE, diagnostic tests, equipment, laboratory, communications, public safety, supply chain, and more, and will continue to finance programs of awareness, care, prevention and the fight against HIV/AIDS, with particular attention to the problem of the transmission of the virus from mother to child.




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