Apple Pay-the contactless payments system more accepted in the world


Published on Jan 30, 2018


During the conference the National Retail Federation relative to the retail sector took place in New York, the head of Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey, gave a speech concerning the method of contactless payment the owner of Apple, and how he actually had a success in physical stores.

According to Bailey, the system of Apple Pay continues to grow, and already today is the method of contactless payment most accepted in the world. At its launch, in 2014, Apple Pay was accepted in 1 store 3 in the United States, but now the percentage has risen to 1 store to 2, that is, 50% of the store retail.

The platform plays a fundamental role in the development of e-commerce mobile. Apple provides support in four distinct areas: applications, rules, transactions, loyalty programs and integration between the store and applications. With regard to the applications topic, Bailey has said that iOS presents an innovative platform where you can sell their products. With iOS 11. vendors may allow their customers to live unique experiences thanks to the hardware of the devices such as location, biometric system, such as, for example, offers the camera TrueDepth with the iPhone X.

You cited the example of the latest version of Warby Parker where you can try virtually of the glasses on your face in a very realistic way thanks to the facial mapping that provides the camera TrueDepth. Other companies such as Wayfair offer, thanks to ARKit, the ability to have a shopping experience immersive, as well as the implementation of the IKEA Place, also available in Italy.

There are many companies that offer loyalty programs are often tied to the use of Apple Pay, with cashback, rather than the collection points. All the systems currently in use and developed in collaboration with retail stores in the United States.

In Italy, Apple Pay is officially available from May 2017 and already there are many institutions that support this service offered by Apple and many rely heavily on this methodology, and many will come in the future. Compare, for example, Mediolanum, which seeks in many commercials on TV and a lot of advertising push on the service, in the same way Hype, which has exploited the moment of the launch of Apple's Pay-per-click promotions, ad-hoc for the opening of the current account.

In our country the service is still young, and the banks are gradually pushing users to activate the service to make it known to more, with the development in the future might come from us campaigns, loyalty or cashback.


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