Apple Pay's arrival with Intesa San Paolo


Published on Jul 26, 2018


Good news for all those who have Intesa San Paolo! Finally Apple has announced the next arrival of the bank with the support for Apple Pay!

Finally after a little over a year since the launch of Apple Pay in Italy came the news that many expected. Apple apparently has failed to make arrangements with Intesa San Paolo to take on Apple Pay, and this morning they have updated their websites to announce the compatibility of the arrival. Both the Apple from the Apple official site Pay and Intesa San Paolo, creating a page-ad-hoc.

This is reported on the website of Intesa:

so fast and easy.

You can make your purchases in stores, online and in the App in a few moments,
with a simple touch and with the highest standards of safety.

We do not know what will be the timing, but at least the account holders of the Intesa San Paolo may in the future use your iPhone to pay for in yet like so many other banking institutions that are currently enabled.

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