Apple Pay in Cash: the official launch in Italy could be very close!


Published on Oct 02, 2018


And after the official arrival of the Business Chat on iMessage, very soon, he might get another novelty in Italy, that will appeal a lot to users. We are talking about Apple Pay in Cash.

With Apple Pay Cash, we are going to add a virtual credit card within Wallet, through which we can make micro-payments by exchanging money with our friends via iMessage. We bought a pizza and we have to divide? We can send our share with a message. The situations where this can come in handy Apple Pay Cash are lots of.

In iOS 12 are already in service, visible in Italy (even if you can't configure). It was previously hidden by the firmware. Might seem like a bug, but, on the 30th of September, Apple has published a support page to the service in Italian.

This is not a certainty but is, however, evidence that something is moving, then the service may actually arrive in Italy very soon. Apple Pay Cash also works via the Apple Watch. When the balance on the virtual card is not enough, is taken from the credit card additional insert in the Wallet and with which we are accustomed to use Apple Pay in stores. Just in the same manner with which we send money to friends, you will also be able to apply for it.

Also this time BuddyBank may be one of the exercises that can support the function.

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