Apple ordered to pay $ 9 million to the Error 53


Published on Jun 19, 2018


Apple has been ordered by the federal court of australian to pay $ 9 million for the infamous Error 53 last year, has affected a number of iOS users.

In 2017, the various associations and committees for the protection of consumers in Australia have filed suit to Apple for the now well-known Error 53.

The error 53 appeared on those devices, where Touch ID had been replaced with components that are not official. Those who had made to replace the Touch ID on the iPhone by centers not authorized was in danger of ending up with the device locked as soon as performed the update iOS. The error 53 made the iPhone almost unusable, even if now with the latest updates of iOS, this error is no longer present.

Today, the federal court in australia has sentenced Apple to a fine in the amount of $ 9 million. The commissioner of the ACCC has explained that Apple has denied to the australian customers the opportunity to repair their devices price service centers, third parties, and this is not allowed by the laws of the country. In addition, Apple refused to provide assistance to those terminals that had previously been repaired by centers that are not authorized. In addition to the fine of 9 million dollars, the judges have ordered Apple not to repeat similar conduct in the future.

According to the judges the australian, “customers are free to repair their devices from any centre, also on the third, and the manufacturer must always ensure the following assistance provided that the repair has not damaged the device.”

In a note, Apple has pledged its commitment to comply with this directive in Australia and has stated that it will continue to do all I can to offer an excellent service to its customers: “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the service that we provide, and we've had conversations, very productive with the ACCC on this point. We will continue to do everything possible to provide an excellent service to all our customers in Australia.”

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