Apple officially launches Today at the Apple”, from tomorrow in all Apple Store


Published on May 16, 2017


Apple has officially launched Today at the Apple Store in the world, including Italy. The launch is in the grand style, with a new giant picture that takes the whole home page. It was also created a site that is ad-hoc where you can see all of the courses in the program and you can register quickly with one click at the Apple Store closest to you.

Practical activities, collectively known as the “Today at the Apple”, will be conducted by members of the team are highly qualified and, in some cities, artists, photographers and musicians of world level, who will teach in sessions ranging from the basic principles and tutorials ‘How to’ programs at a professional level.

“At the centre of every Apple Store there is the desire to educate and inspire the communities that we serve,“ said Angela Ahrendts, senior vice president of Retail at Apple. “Today at the Apple” is one of the ways in which we are developing further the experience that already we offer with the goal of better serving customers and entrepreneurs at the local level. We are creating a square of the modern city, where all are welcome in a space in which it collects the best of the Apple to connect, discover a new passion or evolve to a higher level of their skills. We think it will be a fun and enlightening for all who join.“The free programs focus on features of the Apple products that customers love the most, designed for all skill levels and ages. For example, an iPhone user interested in photography can start with six sessions on ‘How to do’ that cover the phases of recovery, organization, editing, and more. Photographers more advanced level may participate in ‘Photo Tours’ of experience that they leave the store to immerse themselves in techniques such as light and shadow, portraits and storytelling. Proceeding to level of expertise, the ‘photo Lab’ hosts of photographers already competent on topics such as the spontaneous shooting, the creation of a brand on social media or simply sharing their perspective.*Apple will also offer special programs for families and teachers. Teachers can come together for ‘the Tuesday of the teachers to learn new ways to integrate technology in their classes, while aspiring programmers of all ages can learn how to write lines of code in the Swift programming language from Apple for iOS and Mac.** Families can participate in sessions ‘The time of the boys’ during the weekend, ranging from music creation, to writing code with the robot. Small business owners may be confronted with the great entrepreneurs or local entrepreneurs in the new program ‘Business Circuit’.*

Many of the sessions will be taught by the new Creative Pro, the equivalent for the arts, the creative Genius, the technical figures of Apple. Every Creative Pro is an expert in one or more areas of artistic and prepared in a specific way to transfer their skills to the Apple users of all levels.

The programming of “Today at Apple”
“Today at the Apple” offers programs with over 60 different sessions in creative skills, among which:

To be able to offer new programs, each store receives new Forums Display, mobile display screens created by the design team at Apple specifically for the sessions “Today at Apple”, the new chairs and sound systems.“Today at Apple” will be launched globally in May, with sessions in every store.

The stores should be updated during the night to today in order to be ready for tomorrow. There will be a redesign for all of the Classic Store, so if you are ever in a store and you want to submit photos, do it as well, through the application iSpazio and the Contacts section.

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