Apple launches new colors for iPhone cases and straps Apple Watch


Published on Mar 18, 2020


Apple launches new colors for iPhone cases and straps Apple Watch

In addition to launching the new iPad Pro and the new MacBook Air, Apple has updated its online store with a wide variety of accessories for the spring. This includes new colors for iPhone cases and straps, Apple Watch and latest versions of Smart Keyboard Folio for the iPad.

The silicone cases for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will get new colours including, Cactus, Grapefruit, and Surf. This is especially good news for owners of the iPhone 11, a few of the old silicone cases were only available in white and black.

The case Folio leather for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max gets the new color Eggplant. There are new color options for the leather case for family iPhone 11.

The straps are a sport for the Apple Watch will get the same colors of silicone cases for iPhone 11, that is, the Cactus, Grapefruit and Surf.

Unlike straps sport, the Sport version, the Loop gets five new colors: Sunshine, Vitamin C, Surf, Green Neon and Pink Neon.

Black/ Lime Blast, and Midnight Turquoise/Aurora Green are the new colors available for the straps, Nike Sports. In addition, also the line Nike Sport Loop is updated with two new color options: World Indigo/Lime Blast, and Hyper Crimson/Neptune Green.

All of the straps, the Sport and Sport Loop cost € 49,00.

For lovers of the straps, the elegant, the Modern is updated with the new colors Raspberry and Ocean. These bands have a price of € 149,00. Apple has also launched the new color Peacock for its leather strap for the price of € 99,00.

Finally, the line of Hermès is being updated with new colours. Simple Tour: Noir/Blanc/Gold and Orange. Double Tour: the printed Motif Noir and printed Motif Blanc. Simple Tour Rallye leather Gala: Noir.

As for the iPad, Apple has released a new version of the Smart Keyboard Folio for the two models-the 11-inch and 12.9-inch, at the price of € 199,00 € 219,00 respectively.

Cactus, Surf, and Sandy Pink are the two colors of the Smart Folio for the iPad Pro. The version for the iPad 11-inch costs € 89,00 while the version 12, 9-inch costs € 119,00.

For new iPad owners of the seventh generation and iPad Air to the third generation. Also the Smart Cover for the above models to obtain the colours Cactus and Surf. The housing has a price of € 55,00.

Finally, the new colors Cactus and Surfing are available for the Smart Cover to iPad mini for the price of € 45,00.





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