Apple: it appears to be a mysterious wireless device


Published on Feb 13, 2017


Apple has received FCC certification for a mysterious device wireless. Is what is learned from a document of the well-known us Agency for communications, leaked in these hours online. It would be a product equipped with bluetooth and NFC. Let's try to understand together something more.

First of all, the device in question has been certified in three different models, with the nomenclature of the following codes: A1844, A1845, and A1846. Doing a quick search, these are the codes that do not correspond to any Apple product already on the market (what that could maybe indicate to us the fact that it was a new version). Therefore, it seems to be a device completely new.

Very interesting is the presence of NFC chip and bluetooth, we can provide some interesting indications. First of all, the presence of Apple Pay, seen that in the devices of the “bitten apple”, the NFC is primarily used for the payment system in mobility.

As for the bluetooth, this is the LP version (low power, no.d.r.), that is the one designed for minimum battery consumption, usually integrated in the wereable. Therefore, these two elements make us think that there will be a new wearable device.

It is not excluded that it can be the Apple Watch, third-generation, the launch of which is expected in the course of 2017. The colossus of Cupertino, but it might have a yard even a wereable whole new, perhaps an activity tracker, which are dominating the market of wearable.

We'll see, in the next few days, if trapeleranno new information about it, that we will not fail to bring you back in a timely manner.

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