Apple is working with the Health Gorilla to aggregate health data on the iPhone


Published on Jun 20, 2017


Apple is always more willing to turn the iPhone into a complete electronic patient records to be available to the user, so as to have started a collaboration with the Health Gorilla, a company specializing in the aggregation of diagnostic information.

Apple is already working with the Health Gorilla to add diagnostic data to the iPhone, collaborating with hospitals, a company specialized in laboratory testing and health centers. The Health Gorilla provides a service to aggregate, which makes it available for safe clinical data of the user retrieved from the various databases, so as to allow doctors and hospitals to get a complete overview of the patient care. The service also allows users to have available in a few minutes all the clinical data and medical documents in hospitals and laboratories.


Apple will use this system to integrate into the app's Health on iPhone and give the user all the information relative to their state of health and to the documents issued by hospitals and other health agencies after a hospitalization or a visit to the doctor. In one place, the patient will have his entire medical history, including the names of attending physicians and specialists, in addition to the results of various tests. Everything is available via the secure network set up by the Health Gorilla.

Thousands of doctors, specialists, laboratories, clinics, health centers and hospitals are already connected to the database of the Gorilla. Apple will use this network to allow users to have all the personal medical information on your iPhone (blood tests, visits, x-rays, therapies, and much more)

Thanks to this system, the iPhone becomes a true clinical record that allows the user to quickly access various information stored, with possibility to share with the doctors in case of need. The doctors themselves, with the authorization of the user, can easily transfer these data to other specialized facilities.


In addition to working with the Health Gorilla, Apple has also taken various developers specialize in protocols for the management of health data.

At the moment, the service seems to be limited only to the United States and could be launched in the autumn with the iOS 11.


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