Apple is the first company in the history by a billion dollars


Published on Aug 02, 2018


One trillion dollar company. This stands out already in all of the news american. A trillion dollars (for americans). A thousand billion or a trillion dollars, for us. Apple tap a market capitalisation of records that seemed, years ago, unreachable.

It was the mid 90s and Apple was a company now close to bankruptcy. He was recalled Steve Jobs, the mighty, unruly, visionary, sent away a few years before, to save it from the ashes. And the rest is history, 20 years of a sail that has made the Silicon Valley companies among those most influential in the world and among these there is also Apple.

Today, August 2, 2018 in Cupertino marks another record in the history of finance capitalism. After scoring in Q1 2018, the quarter with the highest revenues in the history, the company, now led by the heir of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, reaches the amazing market capitalisation on the stock exchange on Wall Street a trillion dollars, 1000 billion (the GDP of Spain, just to give you an idea, or the value of 10 thousand Cristiano Ronaldo, if we want to stay on the sports).

While, if you want to do a comparison with the major competitors, Google today is worth 845 billion dollars, while Microsoft 818 billion.

You'll also improperly translated, probably, “zillion dollars” but in our system of measurement, the zillion are 1000 billion billion (10^21).

However, there is a “but”. The market capitalization at this time is a calculation that has different results depending upon who will provide you with the answer (welcome to the magical world of the stock market). This is because Apple is moving forward with a massive campaign of buyback of its own shares.

The buy-back (or repurchase of shares) is the operation of purchase of own shares by a SPA. For this reason, the number of shares outstanding is reduced and the market capitalization (that is, the value of the shares multiplied by the number of them) may be a value not so easily determinable. At this time, Yahoo Finance (which then provides the data to the application for the iOS) has already confirmed the collapse of the roof of one trillion dollars. Yahoo, however, in its database, the number of shares outstanding of May. In the meantime, Apple is continuing to buy treasury shares and, mathematically, we should tap share of a trillion dollars when the shares have a value of around 207.05$.

Net of mathematical precision and accuracy, it is impressive to see and analyze the trend of the trend of Apple shares. In 30 years, the company has managed to build a colossus of technological and financial detaching even the oil giants.

If in 1984, the year of the release of the #Mac, instead of buying it you have invested 2495$ shares #Apple now have more than 1.2 million dollars.

— John Longo (@giolongoo) 1 August 2018

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