Apple is always green, even in the packaging


Published on Aug 01, 2017


Apple has always been attentive to the environment and the recent efforts are focusing on the use of sustainable forests, to carry out all the packaging paper of the various products.

A few days ago, Apple has stated that the Forest Stewardship Council, a body responsible for the creation of a standard forest environmentally friendly, has certified as “sustainable” about 320,000 acres of forest that Apple is managing in China.

With this certification, is official that Apple has created a sustainable forest to offset the use of the fibers related to the packaging of the products. Apple is also working to limit the use of virgin fiber, by decreasing the size of packaging and increasing the use of recycled paper.

To manage this sustainable forest in China, Apple is working with the Maoyuan Forestry of the province of Hunan, and with the Qinlian Forestry Company in the province of Guangxi.

The national forest programme of china brought forth by Apple was made in collaboration with the WWF and made his debut in 2015 with the goal of having a million acres of forest sustainable by 2020.

These are the words of Lisa Jackson: “We have discovered that the chinese were willing to be the wonderful partners for the respect of the environment, both in the public and private sectors. They have a real and sincere attention to their forest resources. China is a very fertile ground to develop the programs for the green“.

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