Apple invests in chip power for iPhone: what's cookin'?


Published on Oct 11, 2018


By the time we wonder why Apple insists to insert the old charger (5W) in the package. The answer might relate to a clear business strategy. As you know, Apple wants to build in-house all the chips needed for the iPhone, and for some years has started with the processors involved in the management of the power supply.

Before Apple began this work was that the Dialog to provide these chips for both iPhone and iPad. The processors help optimize the performance, charging time and autonomy. With the departure of Apple, the company has lost its main supplier, risking the failure.

According to a new report, however, to speed production in-house, Apple has forged a new agreement with the Dialog, resulting in a license to all the proprietary technology for 3 years upon payment of a $ 300 million immediately and a further 300 a year for the next 3 years.

Apple has also hired 300 new engineers who will take control of the plants Dialog to Livorno, in the United Kingdom and Germany.

The iPhone already support fast-charging, but the thing has never been publicized. It is likely that the company from Cupertino is waiting for the development of a something more advanced, capable of ensuring the charging time very fast but made to your name before presenting the news and also change the wall charger supplied in the package. On the other hand, provide the customers what they ask for from years, and do it in a better way is precisely the modus-operandi of Apple.

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