Apple hinders third party repairs, MacBook Pro and iMac and the Pro, revealed a new internal document


Published on Oct 05, 2018


Apple is using a new diagnostic tool for the repair of the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro. When they perform the repair without this tool, there are two consequences: the operating system is not working and the repair is incomplete.

The news emerges from a document that Apple has distributed to Authorized Service Providers and obtained (and shared) by our colleagues of MacRumors and Motherboard. According to a detailed analysis of the contents of the document, there might be implications on the repairs offered by a third party.

In fact, it seems that without the proprietary software, may not be able to be for example repaired the MacBook Pro with display problems, the motherboard, the keyboard, the trackpad and the Touch ID. Instead, as for the iMac Pro, the lock will activate in the event of a replacement of the motherboard or the SSD/HDD. And computers repaired without the instrument in question can “go operational” with only the Apple Service Toolkit 2, which is the name chosen by the company from Cupertino.

The new measures are likely to have the purpose of improving safety, but are awaiting confirmation. Apple, in fact, has not yet released a comment on the issue. The fact is that this news throws gasoline on the fire, whereas there are now many think that the giants of the tech, just like Apple, they want to have control on the market of repairs (also) to encourage customers to buy new products.

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