Apple has watchOS 5: the most connected and active!


Published on Jun 04, 2018


In addition to iOS 12, Apple today introduced the new watchOS 5. The operating system of Apple Watch is enhanced with new features to be more connected and more active.

Let's start from the news that relate to physical activity. With watchOS 5 come the challenges with friends are based on 7 days of the activity. It will be possible to challenge a friend to see who of the two will fail to fill all of the training sessions or to complete challenges. Users can also have additional information such as the average pace per lap or set up custom alerts when your pace drops below a certain level. The Apple Watch will then be able to automatically detect the start of a workout and will therefore monitoring in-app Workouts. However, this function will support only some training, at least initially.

With regard to training, come the mode, Yoga and Hiking.

As regards instead the possibility to be always connected, the Apple Watch with watchOS 5 will receive the new application Walkie-Talkie that does exactly what the name promises: it will be possible to exchange voice messages on the fly with other users without interrupting the entire flow of communication.

Of course, then comes the features Siri Shortcuts to allow users to tie certain keywords (or key phrases) for specific actions to carry out to the clock.

Another small novelty rather interesting regarding the integration of third app and its widget inside of the dial dedicated to Siri. Also to activate Siri will no longer be the command “Hey Siri” but just to lift the clock, and start talking with the assistant.


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