Apple has macOS Catalina: here are all the news!


Published on Jun 03, 2019


Apple has macOS Catalina: here are all the news!

iTunes is the party with the excellent musical skills then expanded with the store, the podcasts, the videos, the sync to Apple devices (the iPod and then the iPhone) but at this point, Apple has asked a question: can iTunes lighthouse still another? Apple has absolutely realized that iTunes was doing too many things! And so he decided to divide it into separate applications: Apple's Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV.

And now when we connect our phone to the computer, no application will open automatically. When we want to sync the iPhone, we use a dedicated app.

The Podcast has the same graphics of Apple's Music but, of course, is focused on the audio content of the users.

And finally, the Apple TV app, with all the channels, subscriptions to pay channels, the Apple series, the content is 4K, HDR, the ability to rent movies and so on

Sidecar is a new app that allows you to use the iPad as a second display for our Mac and we will be able to drag the content from the first screen, towards the right side of the screen and appear on the portable device. We can then open a photo in Photoshop on your Mac, drag it and then on the iPad, edit it with the Apple Pencil, and then continue and save-all from the computer.

New accessibility options allow us to completely control our computers with voice. We can do it all with your voice! We will be able to launch applications, perform scrolling, share, send messages, insert emoji, browse on the internet, in the app, to simulate the prolonged pressure, and so on. These new accessibility features will be available on Mac, but also on iOS. There is nothing that we can do with our voice without touching the computer nor the phone.

Find My is the new application that combines the functionality of “find friends” and “find my iPhone”. Integrates a new feature that is truly spectacular to find one of the objects. Suppose we lose a MacBook, even if it will be closed and with the screen turned off, will still send the bluetooth signals that will be picked up by other Apple devices in the vicinity and taking advantage of their connection to the internet will send to the server the exact location to find it!

We're talking about what we have always called the project Marzipan and that will allow you to use all the applications available for the iPhone and iPad to the Mac. The applications will be automatically readjusted to the desktop. Not only applications, even games for the iPhone and iPad work beautifully on the Mac. Now only one team of developers can handle the entire management of applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac, with considerable savings for the companies.

In addition to the novelties introduced by Apple in the native apps, Apple will also provide tools to developers for creating best apps and more easily. Is introduced to the RealityKit to combine the 3D in the virtual reality. Motion Capture, a new feature to capture the movements and create 3D models that move exactly like us. All this will lead to a new generation of games without precedent. Some developers have already thought of creating a sort of Minecraft in the real world.

We can create a virtual world, interact and see other people interacting from another device. We will be able to create content, take advantage of motion capture to move the characters, and even immerse a person in the virtual world.

Swift is the programming language of Apple to create applications. It was introduced only 5 years ago, and there are already 450,000 apps that are written in this language. Developers adore it. Apple announces today a new framework called SwiftUI, made in swift and for swift, that allows you to create the best applications with less code.

SwiftUI is a framework that supports the dark mode, and many other libraries that allow you to create a graphical unified, with very little code, in such a way to offer you an excellent continuity to the users, and a full support for all the platforms.

With SwiftUI we get a real-time preview of everything that you put in the interface. We will be able to change the texts, add items directly from the interface, by clicking the right button and choosing the elements that we want, and we will see in real time the code that we generate under our eyes. With a click you will be able to install our app on your phone and see the “live” everything we have built until now. SwiftUI can be used for the first time to achieve the required interfaces of the app for the Apple Watch.

The last but important news is the arrival of Screen Time even on a Mac, the functionality to limit the usage time of applications and activities.

All the presented software will be available today in Beta for developers. The versionni public will be released by the autumn.




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