Apple has acquired Workflow, now free on the App Store


Published on Mar 23, 2017


Apple has finalized the acquisition of the popular app Workflow automation, bringing in the company the team formed by three people. At the moment we do not know the figures of the agreement, but now the app is free to download from the App Store.

As part of the agreement, the three members of the team Workflow Ari Weinstein, Conrad Kramer, and Nick Frey will work on the campus of Cupertino on projects not specified. Weinsten commented on this agreement: “We are excited to be joining Apple. We have worked closely with the technicians of the company since first publishing the Workflow as a project on Kickstarter, coming then to organize seminars at various WWDC for students. We can't wait to bring our work to the next level and help improve products used by millions of people all over the world”.

The app Workflow will continue to be available on the App Store, in fact now you can download this title free of charge. In the past, Apple has used a similar strategy in 2010 when it acquired Siri, which was then an app on the App Store, and remained there until integration in the iOS took place in 2011.

We do not know if the Workflow will have a similar fate and will soon be integrated into iOS to allow users to automate various actions. Workflow is a powerful application for the iPhone and iPad that offers some tools to automate certain actions, thus allowing us to create some “workflows”, which is a set of functions that, chained together, to ensure the achievement of the desired result. Among the Workflow features is present, for example, the ability to create animated GIFS, add an icon on your Home that allows you to call a favourite contact or create PDFS from Safari or any other application, but not only.


Also Apple has confirmed the agreement: “the Workflow application has been selected for the Apple Design Award in 2015 because of its exceptional accessibility features in iOS, especially with regard to the implementation of functions related to the VoiceOver and the improvement of the use of iOS for blind and visually impaired”.


According to early rumors, the technology at the basis of the Workflow may be used to improve Siri and create advanced macros can be managed via voice commands.


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