Apple edit the commissions for the affiliates of Apple's Music and iTunes Music


Published on Feb 02, 2018


In an e-mail sent to users in affiliated programs, Apple's Music and iTunes Music, the company does know that soon it will change the rates of the commissions

In particular, Apple is expected to increase 100% commissions to Apple's Music, but concomitantly decreases the rates of affiliation to iTunes Music:

Since April 5, 2018, we will increase the payments to affiliates on Apple's Music all over the world, paying double compared to today. You can earn a 100% commission one-time the first month of subscription, Apple's Music, compared to the existing 50%.

This means that affiliates will earn a digit only when the users will change from trial three months subscription to full, regardless of your membership type (Student, Individual, Family).

Apple is also know that the charges for iTunes Music will drop from 7% to 2.5% of the world, while the charges for films, books and TV will remain at 7%.

Remember that you can subscribe to Apple's Music and try 3 months free of charge, by clicking here.

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