Apple could develop versions of Project Catalyst, Messages and Shortcuts


Published on Jun 20, 2019


Apple could develop versions of Project Catalyst, Messages and Shortcuts

We heard about Project Catalyst and what it means for developers who want to bring their iPad apps on a Mac with macOS Catalina. Apple is using Catalyst to improve the app Mac existing as News and Home, in addition to bringing the new app as a Podcast on the Mac.

Now, the tests within the beta of macOS Catalina suggest what Apple wants to develop for Project Catalyst.

The developer Steve Troughton-Smith has shared a picture on Twitter to show the evidence that Apple is working on versions of Catalyst of two new apps: Messages, and shortcuts.

With regard to Messages, Smith explains that a “surprising amount of the app UIKit Messages” it works on macOS. This includes things like the fact iMessage, that are missing from the time from the application Messages of the macOS.

It is interesting to note that the version of the Catalyst of Messages on the Mac has a different appearance than the version for iPadOS 13. It is designed to look like the current Messages app, found in the Mojave.

For reference only: this is not a version “marzipanified” of the Messaging application from the iOS Simulator. This is the user interface Catalyst “native” coming from the framework of macOS system 10.15.

If you compare this version of the Catalyst of Messages with the contents of iOS 13, you'll see that the layout of the user interface is quite different. In fact, it is modeled to look much more similar to the macOS version. I am not convinced that this work has been carried out exclusively to present the tab “Share messages” app in UIKit.

There is a whole lot of evidence in Catalina that they're working on a full, Catalyst version of Messages, much like Shortcuts for Mac. I know, just like Shortcuts, I decided to cut to the chase and do it myself by calling the system frameworks. Voila

— Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) June 19, 2019

What is also important to note is that Messages on the Mac still lacks functionality such as the App Store, iMessage, which has become popular for things like packages of stickers, games and more. Probably is a great motivator for Apple to bring a version of Project Catalyst in the Messaging application on macOS.

The latest discoveries of Smith's Messages on your Mac are follow his posts on the blog shortly after the WWDC that showed how the shortcuts could work on macOS Catalina:

Catalyst on macOS Catalina includes all the framework of shortcuts, including all those necessary to view almost all of its UI. So I created an app dummy that does just this, which you can find on GitHub.

What applications are currently available on the iPad, would you like to see on macOS? Let us know in the comments.






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