Apple clarifies: “The new server is of china will host only the data of users who live in China”


Published on Jan 13, 2018


A few days ago, Apple has advised users who are residents of China that their data will soon be transferred to the server of a local company, in compliance with the local laws. There has been a certain confusion, because different users who live outside of China have received the same message. Today, Apple has finally clarified the situation.

Apple does know that only the users iCloud that live in China, or which country linked to the Apple ID that is China, will see their data transferred into the new data center run by the Guizhou Cloud Big Data Industry Co. Ltd. The transfer of iCloud data will be in accordance to the chinese law in the field of cloud services belonging to foreign companies

In addition, Apple has posted a new e-mail to users who live outside China and that will not be affected by the migration:

Recently, you received an e-mail that informed of an impending change to the iCloud service in China. This e-mail was sent in error. No changes have been made to your iCloud account.

We are sorry that you have received this e-mail. The message was intended exclusively for customers whose country of Apple ID is the China. Also a very small number of our clients whose country is not China received this email in error.

Apple is one of the first foreign companies to carry out the migration of the data of the users of the chinese to comply with the new local laws. The entire transfer will be completed by 28 February.

Link to the original article: Apple explains: “The new server is of china will host only the data of users who live in China”




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