Apple bans the app to share the contacts of the users


Published on Jun 13, 2018


In order to strengthen and protect as much as possible the privacy of the users, Apple has amended its policies for approval on the App Store for apps that access the contacts database.

As reported by Bloomberg, the guidelines for review on the App Store now also prohibit the sharing and the sale to third parties of the contact database of the user. Also, an app can't access the list of contacts of the user for a purpose clearly indicated and approved by the user, and then use that database for other purposes, unless the developer does not obtain a further explicit consent. In any case, will not be able to sell and share to the third party contact database. Anyone who violates these rules may be suspended as a developer.

Until today, however, the app could share the contact information for the purposes of marketing and targeting of ads. Now, developers will be able to access the database of contacts (for example, how does WhatsApp for to find friends that have installed the app), but may not in any way share it with any third party.

In addition, Apple also prohibits all VPN integrated into the app that take advantage of the user data for the purposes of marketing and targeting. It is clearly taking aim at Facebook and the feature “Protect” built-in iOS app using VPN Onavo, which theoretically allows you to have a high degree of protection, but that, in practice, allowed the company to gather data through Onavo and use them to improve the products and services related to Facebook.

To offer a higher level of protection, in fact, Onavo uses a VPN to establish a secure connection, and directing all communications on that network, via their own server. Of course, Onavo is then able to collect all the mobile data traffic and various information about users. Such information would then turn to Facebook “to improve services and products“.

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