Apple, and Salesforce announce a new partnership


Published on Sep 24, 2018


Apple has announced a new partnership with Salesforce, one of the services most used in the world for the management of relations and communications between the company and the customers.

Thanks to this collaboration, Apple, Salesforce is completely redesigning its iOS app to offer new and exclusive content. In particular, will create new opportunities for third-party developers.

In addition, companies will have at their disposal more and more tools and resources to create your own native app with the Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS and a new course of development in the Traihead, which is available as a resource completely free of charge.

Tim Cook has commented on this agreement: “With the power of iPhone, iPad and iOS, combined with the best software for the enterprise weblog Salesforce, we are able to offer great experiences for the customers and for the companies all over the world. We will be able to provide sales associates with new options, all managed through voice commands. They will use just their voice, without having to switch between multiple apps, or do dozens of clicks for the same operations”.

Even the CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff has said that this partnership will be key to helping more and more companies in to create app that can provide new options to their customers.

The iOS app will soon be updated to allow companies to include Siri Shortcut, Face ID, and business chat.

The partnership means, for example, that a seller can use Siri after a meeting by the client to update the record of that customer, with the notes of the meeting, report a problem customer service with a support team, and perform other tasks of data entry via voice commands.

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