Apple and Foxconn admit to hiring too many temporary workers in China to assemble the iPhone


Published on Sep 09, 2019


Apple and Foxconn admit to hiring too many temporary workers in China to assemble the iPhone

Apple and Foxconn have allowed to recruit too many temporary staff in one of the largest factories of the iPhone in the world, following a report of a group of defense non-profit organization that asserts the hard conditions of work (via Bloomberg).

Apple has confirmed the statement according to which its main manufacturer of iPhone, Foxconn, has hired too many temporary staff. The laws of the land specify that the temporary staff, also known as a cleaner shipments, may not exceed 10% of the total workforce of a company. However, according to reports Foxconn had reached 50%.

The non-profit organisation China Labor Watch has released a report that claimed to have received complaints relating to conditions of work, including overtime, in the establishment of Zhengzhou of Foxconn.

“Apple and Foxconn knows that the problem with the workers involved in the shipment is in violation of the labour laws, but because it is profitable to hire workers to shipments, have not addressed the problem,” said Li Qiang, executive director of China Labor Watch. “They have allowed these violations to continue in the course of the years”.

While not addressing whether this constitutes a violation of chinese law, Apple said they have investigated the issue and concluded that “exceeded standards.“

“To ensure the respect of our high standards, we have strong systems of management training on the rights in the work place, interviews on the place of work, channels of complaint anonymous and "audit" the course,” continued the Apple.

Apple has also claimed to work with Foxconn to “immediately resolve” the problem of temporary staff. And as regards the conditions of overtime work, the company said that “this problem has been corrected“.

Foxconn has said that it was facing all the problems.

“We have found evidence that the use of the workers to the shipment and the number of hours of overtime work done by employees, which we have confirmed to be always voluntary, was not consistent with the guidelines of the company,” said Foxconn in a statement.

Neither company has addressed the additional claims of China Labor Watch on alleged verbal abuse, sexual harassment, and exposure to toxic chemicals.

The report specifies that the use of temporary staff by Foxconn occurs during the high season of production for the Apple iPhone. Foxconn has recruited recruited during the summer to prepare for the production of the iPhone that will be presented tomorrow.

This report also comes at a time when relations between the united states and China are under pressure and companies, including Apple, are planning to move the production from mainland China.




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