Apple and Consumer Reports together to compare the durability test of the new MacBook Pro


Published on Dec 29, 2016


Apple is working with “ Consumer Reports” to make the test more accurate on the battery of the MacBook Pro in order to go in the bottom of the problem of the duration.

For the first time ever, the magazine has not recommended the purchase of the new MacBook Pro users because of the poor duration of the battery charging is totally against the product, inside his review:

Usually the battery life of a laptop can vary, between an operation and another, to a maximum of 5% according to our measurements. In this case, we have a strong discrepancy between what is promised to the consumer and what they really can use. Based on our tests, confidentially we do not advise consumers to work with this device if it is not connected to the electricity network.

However, Phil Schiller, apple's Senior Vice President of marketing of Apple, last Friday, has confirmed through a tweet that the tests of Consumer Reports do not coincide with those made by Apple.

Since the launch of the MacBook Pro, many of the negative criticisms directed towards the poor performance of the battery such as to push Apple to eliminate from macOS the time marker “inaccurate”

With the release of MacOS 10.12.2 some users have reported a general improvement in the battery life of the device.

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