Apple accused of violating a patent on the iPhone 6s


Published on Jul 13, 2016


Apple was once again accused of patent violation, this time related to the technology of charging a battery implemented on the iPhone 6s, and “other similar devices”.

The patent in question dates back to 2010 and it belongs to the Somaltus LLC, a company that has submitted a formal complaint to the district court of Texas. According to this company, Apple would have violated one of its patents relating to the management of fast charge on the iPhone 6s, and other similar devices. The iPhone 6s is using a system that maximizes the charging rate when the battery is below 80% of its capacity, while above this threshold is activated, the mode trickle-charge. This system helps to maintain the longevity of the battery.

According to the Somaltus, the technology in question would be from them that was patented in 2010 and is required to pay a high sum of money from Apple. The company has filed a lawsuit similar against Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba.

The Somaltus is not a patent troll, and has previously won patent lawsuits against car companies.



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