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Published on Aug 12, 2017


If using your smartphone and you realized that something is wrong, maybe is the case to proceed with a detailed analysis of his operation to trace the source of any problems. In the event of a malfunction, in fact, it is necessary to understand which component is not working properly and, from this, decide if you need to go in for service or if it can also proceed in an autonomous way.

Android devices, through the use of some applications made specifically for this purpose, to test in detail all (or nearly all) the hardware components mounted on our smartphones. Let's see what to choose from the wide choice on the Play Store.

Application complete and well-organized, and provides access to a comprehensive list of information related to the hardware different. Has, in fact, also data related to the atmospheric pressure and temperature clearly are in need of special sensors fitted on the device.

The tools are divided into 2 sections with a grid structure, with the main screen that presents the test procedures themselves and the screen immediately to the right that allows you to access information about CPU, Battery, and all the rest of the components.

Download| Test your Android from Google Play Store

Stylistically less attractive but just as functional, Phone check and Test offers a test procedure wizard that guides you through all the components. Beyond this, the Monitor displays in real time some information about the memory, the processor and the autonomy of the device.

In the settings you can then insert or delete from the list of test-driven components that we have already tried, or that we wish to test.

Download| Phone Check and Test from the Google Play Store

Even if not really pretty aesthetically, the app has also a well organized structure and an interface in the Italian language. The first screen you will see a list starting with the most important information and the immediate. The next section then sees 13 tool useful for testing sensors, behavior and device buttons.

The last 2 sections in order of appearance then seen to be a tool for cleaning the cache and temporary files, and a summary of the data relating to the battery.

Download| Phone Doctor Plus from Google Play Store

In addition to the applications mentioned above, it is possible to opt for a tool of diagnostics entered by the same producers of smartphones.

Depending on the manufacturer, in fact, there are codes by typing in the phone dialer to access hidden menu.

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