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Published on May 16, 2018


For sports enthusiasts, the Smartphone can have an extra utility, that is, the information regarding the real-time results of any match or competition. In this article we will see the best app for sports scores in real time, both for Android and for iOS, as they are virtually the same applications.

Probably one of the best applications available for the sports results in real time, not only because it has a lot of sports, but also because it is very simple to use and very responsive in the updates. The gui of the application is very modern and pleasant.

As soon as you open the application you will find on the home page where you will find all the leagues, divided by nation, football. If you are interested in football you will stay on this screen, but you can change your sport from the menu in the top bar, the one with written “Football” with a down arrow.

The positive thing is that, if you change the sport, the next time you start the application will start with the sport that you have selected, without having to redo the process described above for each access. The sports available are many, from football to the motors, passing by the basketball and the futsal, you will surely find what you are looking for.

To receive updates of any competition or game that you're interested in, you'll have to write down. To do this you will need to click on the game that you are interested in between those of the main menu (which, however, are those of the day, that you can change the symbol of the calendar in the top right), or manually looking for the team, the player or the competition that you are interested in with the search tool located in the menu on the left pop-up.

This procedure is good for both the football, and for all the other sports (you can also search for “Federer” or “Wimbledon”) and will allow you to receive all the notifications of the competitions that follow. Also, if you access the application, you will save in the cloud by your preferences, so you don't miss them if you install the applications from the other parties.

Finally let's talk about settings, which you can access from the side menu, and by means of which you can set all your preferences, including notifications of every sport that you follow.

The logic of operation of the LiveScore is on to down the same SofaScore seen above. Once you have downloaded and open the application, you will be on the home screen, which is formed by a list of all the last matches that were played. At the top, close to the symbol of the house, there are dates with which you can navigate between the matches past and in the future with a simple tap or a swipe.

To add to the match or leagues to your favorites is very simple, just go under “Menu” at the bottom and will open up all the competitions in the world, both national and global. Did this just go on the nation that you are interested in, for example “Italy” and will open with a list of championships with the latest matches played and the next to play.

To add a game to favorites just click on the star to the right of it, to add a championship between the leagues favourites, you'll have to click over to the championship and then tap on the “+” symbol pictured above to the right.

All the matches and leagues that you add to your list of favourites will appear in the “Favorites” menu at the bottom. Of course, if you add a game to favorites, will come to you real-time updates of the match.

The operation described above for the calcium is good for the other sports available, but there are not many. To change sport, you should enter in the menu sidebar and tap on the sport you are interested in. You can, from this menu, select the sport of default with which you want to open the application.

There are also two other sections in the menu bar located at the bottom, the section “Live“, where you can find all the games that you are playing at that moment, and the “News” section where there are a bit of sports news, unfortunately only in English.

The management of the notifications to the sport, however, is not as deep as on SofaScore, but it still remains a very valid and used by many users.

This application has an operation very similar to LiveScore and everything, but has the advantage of having many sports of which you can check out the results, probably the best under this point of view.

The fastest way to add to favorite a team or a league is to use the tool to search located in the top, near the calendar. From this menu you can search for, or a team, or a competition, and add it by pressing or on the star in the top right, if it is a team, or on the “+” symbol if it was a championship.

Also in this application there is a section “Live” where there are all the meetings that are playing at that time, but there is no section for news.

This application is an hybrid app that give you live results and applications that give sports news. In fact, the first time you open the application, you will choose a favorite team and you will automatically be between the favorites for all competitions where you play that team.

As soon as you open OneFootball, we immediately see how much is edited graphically, certainly the best under this point of view in along with SofaScore. In the main screen there are the most important news of the day, scrolling the menu goes in the section “Matches” where the match of the championships that follow, or even all those which are played today.

Going to the menu “Followed” you will have your favorite team and all the competitions that followed. To add a new competition just look for it from the menu search in the top right and tap on the little star that appears on the right side.

In the Settings section, you can customize the notifications of the news of the day, if you leave the active will come to you of the notifications containing the most important news. If you go on the teams you follow, you can customize your notifications, team for team.

If you want an application that combines news, results, live, OneFootball may be a good compromise, even if you do not have a management in-depth live results as the other apps.

As the name suggests, this application concerns only the football. In this application you will find all the championships in major european, and virtually all of the professional leagues of Italian, from the Series A to Series D.

The gui of the application is not among the most sought after, although in time it improved, and did not send notifications about updates in real time. So why is this ranking? Because it is very simple to use, very complete and above all, you always have all the information at their fingertips.

In other applications, to see all the games of a day you should do three or four steps, this application is already open with the A Series (even if the start screen can be customized) and you can change the competition by the button depicting a cup in the top menu.

Once you are inside of a league, to navigate between the days in the past and the future is very easy, in fact, just one swipe to the right or to the left for information on a single game just click on it and you will have the training, markers, and also the live commentary. On the screen where there are all the games, instead, you can see news, charts, and markers in a very fast way from the menu at the top.

In the menu on the left there are various items useful, including the games of the day and the statistics of the players. By the three dots in the top right corner you can enter in the settings, where you can also customize the home screen.

The queen of this area is definitely the application of Buzzfeed, that with the latest updates, has reached full maturity, after the early times in which he had some operation problem. The most interesting part of this application, that also contains the real-time results, is surely the part of the news and of the video.

In fact, you'll get all the sports news more relevant on the home application, in addition to having notifications from the app when there are news truly relevant. The news can also be filtered by sport, through the menu “Sport” that you will find in the bottom bar.

If, instead, you will go in the “Video” section, you will find lots of interesting content on all the highlights of all the matches and sports that broadcasts Sky. Also the video section is divided by sport, so as to more quickly find the content you are looking for.

Another very interesting is being able to see SkySport24 by the application. However, this latter function requires you to log in with your ID of the Sky, so you need to have a Sky subscription, although not necessarily with the sport package or football. It is also the vision of the highlights of the games played recently are only available to Sky customers, but you'll have to wait the next day to see the highlights without a subscription.

Probably the best application that combines sports results in real-time and news. The graphics of the app is very nice, you immediately see that it's very accurate in every detail. When you launch the application you will be soon on the news section of all the sports




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