Anyone who has seen it does not go in the wave: take quarantine after the hosted the vice minister positive


Published on Mar 16, 2020


And’ got the official confirmation from the part of the Rai, even if in the last hours it was understood what would happen. Last week, in fact, in the study of those Who had seen had been a guest the vice-minister of Health, Sileri, that two days ago, he announced to have done the swab, experiencing symptoms that are very precise, and be positive COVID-19. It is for this reason that throughout the preparation of the program of Rai 3, has been placed in isolation to prevent further infections. The program, conducted by Federica-Offs are not going to be aired on Wednesday, 18 march 2020, but then returned on the 26th of march, as announced on the Fb page.

At the moment, the Rai has not yet officially announced the airing of the Wednesday, on the Tv guide you can in fact still read in the programming of the 18 march, the title of the Federica-Offs.

And here are the words of the editorial of the programme conducted by Federica-Offs on the Fb page of anyone Who has seen it:

Last week everyone Who has seen it was aired on the Wednesday, with an episode dedicated to the cases of the news and the latest updates on the Coronavirus. Then a double-header Friday, with an episode entirely dedicated to the coronavirus.

For the same reason, temporarily suspended a program of Rai 3, Agora, at least for this week, will not go on the air.

Handle the situation in this difficult moment for all it is not simple but it goes on.

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