Anyone who has seen it change the date of departure: here is when will be aired


Published on Sep 09, 2019


Grows the expectation of the audience of Rai 3 for the new edition to anyone Who has seen it. This morning, or, better, a few minutes ago came the news of a change for what concerns the programming of the program on Rai 3, conducted by Federica-Offs. As we said, in fact, anyone Who has seen it would have had to debut on 18 September 2019 in the early evening. Today, however, the production and the writing shall inform the public that the broadcast will be aired this week. The first episode of those Who have seen it, in fact, will be broadcast live on 11 September 2019.

We do not know what was the reason of this decision. Perhaps the many news stories these days, with the great interest for the murder of Elisa Pomarelli have led him to change his mind on the departure date, as the case may involve the public and the journalists of the program are now weeks to work on the case.

The other reason could be related to the against programming, with the challenge launched by the networks of Mediaset.

Wednesday evening will be broadcast on Channel 5 Rosy Abate part the 18th of September. The network then may have decided to anticipate the departure to avoid the direct clash in the course of the first episode airing. In the last part of the season in the ratings of the program of Rai 3, also due to a strong competition was due to Live-Not the d'urso, had not been excellent and the Rai, wants perhaps to avoid losing is still part of the public.

Here is the announcement came from social:

Anyone who has seen it?” anticipates and return on September 11: You'll be there?

The new edition 2019 – 2020 again on Wednesday in the early evening, live, with Federica-Offs on #Rai3.

Anyone who has seen it then returns this week with its first episode of the edition 2019-2020. We remind you also that this year-end day-to-day wave in the morning, will not go on the air.

The appointment, and then Wednesday evening with the first bet of anyone Who has seen it.

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