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Can a child suffering from anxiety?

The theme can be delicate, so much more often to be affected by this disorder are adults. The depression and the whole spectrum of anxiety disorders are often approximated as weaknesses... and to those who are suffering – big or small – is asked to find the strength to cope with the discomfort, often alone, while these people often have hidden questions that ask only to be heard.

I have therefore appreciated that, in an ironic way and direct the theme returns at the center of a few books illustrated.

In Shut your mouth! Sibylle Delacroix tells the story of the delicate transition to primary school, a narrative-focused, and very personal, we enter into the thoughts of a little girl struggling with her first day in the new school. "I thought I was meeting new friends, but it was a tricky business". The images that accompany the flow of thoughts in reality are never aggressive, gloomy, or hostile, far from it, but it is clear that the shyness and reserve of the main character in the estranino from the positive climate that surrounds it. Then one day a bird, graceful and colorful perching on the shoulder of the little girl. It seems like a positive breakthrough, a friend who could introduce her into this world of friendships and positivity from which it feels excluded, however in a short time you realize that the voice and presence of the bird are increasing the isolation of the girl, because the estraniano from reality. The unpleasant comments, the voice is deafening and the ever-larger size of the bird, and become overwhelming, visually. It will be another girl to give her the opportunity to silence for ever the bird. "My silence, however, is not deterred: it was fine and gave me one of her beautiful ribbons. All of a sudden I felt strong, much stronger that bird is heavy."

Does not turn around the problem this history, indeed, shows with ways of stifling the outcomes of anxiety, however, does not exclude the final liberating and positive which is always in the company of someone who will accompany in the reality, as if to say: I know exactly what you feel. The representation is very direct, however, they may touch a sensitive chord in children: edited this appearance, if you intend to propose it to them.

The most ironic and more oriented for an adult audience, instead, The strange case of the Big Rabbit of Ramona Badescu and Delphine Durand.

"The big Rabbit has a problem. A problem as big as him. A problem bulky that follows him everywhere and keeps him from thinking about anything else". In this case, the “weight of the heart” has a cute face and fun and almost it's hard to understand the discomfort of the Rabbit (as this situation is profoundly true, at the time!). The Big Rabbit tries to get rid of it in all ways: call your friends, put music, turn on the television, cooking...

And yet, in ways that could seem hilarious, the problem prevents the rabbit to do even the simplest things.

"Nothing, it seems that there is nothing to do. There is always only that big problem that, apparently, is rather comfortable. The Large Rabbit would like to find a way to send him away, to get it out of the house, to get rid of it".

And then DRIING! His mother and all the friends are right in front of him! Why?!? The Large Rabbit had forgotten something very important: of his birthday. And, not surprisingly, friends and mother are there to remind you: we are happy that you exist! And the "big problem"? "The Great Rabbit realizes that he completely forgot about his problem. There is not even the shadow, has left no trace, everything is silent. Gone! The past forgotten, and the problem is gone! Hey PRESTO!"

It yields, therefore, to the representation of the oppressive, clearly fearful of the previous text, but ironically and perhaps subtly offers a portrait more realistic (at least in the eyes of the adults!).

The two books are specific to a theme often censored that instead, I think they can find the right ears to be heard, bearing in mind that Presto is often a friend of the “medicine” right.

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