Antonio Zequila want to leave the tv, he said “I have healed from cancer, depression”


Published on Apr 02, 2020


Antonio Zequila, as was to be expected, was the first casualty of the episode of Big Brother VIP 4 aired the first of April on Channel 5. The rest he could only think of deserving the final in a clash with Patrick and Paul Ciavarro, once again demonstrating his innate conceit. Without a doubt all week has hurt other competitors, such as Paola di Benedetto, who is then arrived in the final, saying that they would not have deserved the final episode of the reality show. “I have given so much to this program,” he went on to say to his companions. And this rush to appear, to arrive has led, among other things, also in the last episode of GF VIP to leave a mark, but certainly not in a positive way. If he goes from the house and it will be remembered, not so much for the confession made to Signorini after the release of the game, when to the insults aimed at Patrick, offenses very serious.

After having given the other pearls, of which he would have gladly done without, Zequila has confessed to Signorini-be prepared to leave the tv, saw that the public has rewarded him with a place in the final. Not only that, she also told that before entering the house of Big Brother VIP, had fallen into a period of depression. “You cared for me from the cancer of the soul, depression,” said Zequila. Never in the house had mentioned this thing...

The belief of Zequila to be one of the competitors is given in this GF, not the result of the rest from nothing. When a conductor is of obvious differences between competitors, and goes well beyond with statements that destabilize, positive or negative, it is clear that it is possible to be convinced of something that out does not exist, but that only Signorini sees.

Yesterday he said the path into the house of Zequila: “you're a competitor perfect, you made us laugh and also to move, you are a man of vision, many of you had seen the Island, we had seen fighting, but had not known the other side of Antonio that is coming out in the house”. The baby, however, speaking from the exclusion of the actor of the house question: “someone told me that your attitude with Adriana Volpe, your relationship with her will cost you dearly, you are convinced or not?”. Zequila replication, without hairs on the tongue: “I have to learn to lie, unfortunately I'm a man too honest”.

Forgotten in a matter of seconds, all the havoc that had come out of the mouth of Zequila, not only in this last episode, but also throughout the journey in the house. Because the sockets for the bottoms, the offenses and insults that they made us move as a “theatre” in the early days after the entry of Patrick by Zequila, we did not forget. But if we are to pretend nothing happened, once again, in an edition of GF VIP that has had daughters and stepchildren, okay...luckily, the audience at home, what to vote, don't forget.

“People judge only the outward appearance, I never lied, I always said the truth, in the past two years, I've been the nurse of my father, no victim, I'm the man the most humble. I'm sorry dell’8%, then I will retire officially from the television, but I say it seriously,” said Zequila.

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