Antonio Brown and the helmet is prohibited


Published on Aug 10, 2019


This might sound like the title of a movie and is instead the summary in a few words of the paradoxical situation in which it is sandwiched Antonio Brown, cool the receiver of the Oakland Raiders.
And exploded a real bomb when Brown refused to wear again the helmet provided to you by the team claiming that his old Schutt Air it is much more convenient and allows you to get a better view, fundamental to what a player of his role.
Sin, however, is that his helmet is 10 years old, is not among those certified as safe, and therefore it has not been approved by the NFL.

Every year, during that period, the NFL and the NFLPA publish the results of the tests made on helmets worn by the players. The tests are performed by engineers appointed by the two parties, and are then the basis on which the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) certifies whether or not the helmets in use. All those who do not pass the control, CANNOT be used by the players and the teams are in charge of enforcing this rule, the penalty of sanctions.

As you can see in the image (click to enlarge) is a classification based on the ability of the helmet to absorb the impact, the shorter the bar the better it is.
Also the three colors used to graphically represent the goodness of the helmet, in green the best, yellow for those that don't, and in red those prohibited.

In which category is the Shutt Air of Antonio Brown? The red helmets were prohibited, probably because of the age of the helmet that is even out of production.
And’ a bolt from the blue for the receiver of the Raiders? Absolutely not, because in 2018, the owners of some models had been advised that would be the last season in which they would have been able to wear that model of helmet. How much are these players? 32, 2% of the total, and it seems that none of these is making the tantrums as Brown.

From what we have read, the Raiders have provided Brown a new helmet, warning him that his was not the most usable, and in response the receiver has colored his old helmet of the Steelers to make it look similar to that of the Raiders, but with poor results. Always Antonio Brown says Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are on a training ride with helmets of old are no longer authorised, and despite the have been shown videos in which is evident the use of new models, the player does not seem to want to reason about the topic.
Indeed, it has raised by filing a complaint to the NFL for this imposition discussed yesterday in front of an independent judge, to whom we still do not know the pronouncement.

In all this it may not go according to plan that Antonio Brown has practically participated in the training camp of the Oakland Raiders despite a bombastic arrival in a hot air balloon, both the problem to the feet caused by the non-use of socks into a cryogenic chamber for the controversy on the helmet.
It seems he created a rift with the rest of the team who is not these days, and the problem that the helmet is just the straw that broke the camel's back. Already from the first meeting Brown in addition to be late seemed to be more interested to see Instagram that follow, as explained by the coach.

We believe it is difficult that Antonio Brown is able to reason on the topic of the helmet, and if he wants to play football in the NFL in the season and not give up to $ 30 million of salary guaranteed to be reduced to a mild advice, and to choose an appropriate helmet, or retire like he threatened to do...




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