Antonio Banderas: when pain becomes art


Published on Sep 11, 2019


His rebirth after the nasty cardiac episode

In 2017, Antonio Banderas was hit by a nasty illness of the heart. A little more than two years from the episode, now fully recovered, but also more aware of their own state of health, the Spanish actor has been able to turn this negative event into a resource that, with the help of a great director, Pedro Almodovar.

Banderas told People Now of how he used the experiences in his life to best interpret his new film, Pain and Glory. “The stroke in any way has changed me and Pedro has understood this,” he said. “Saw him, and said: ‘do Not hide the fact that you have a heart problem, a character may treasure it because it is full of pain, of disease, of loneliness.'”

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And the actor has immediately understood what he meant the director: “I Knew well what he was talking about,” he adds, in fact, Banderas. “After that you have a heart attack get information about what life really is, it is difficult to explain. It is simply a new way of understanding life itself. Become more raw, eliminate things that you thought were important.”

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An example of that? “The money,” says decided. “Realize that money is only a mental process. The things that really are important are highlighted in an interesting way.” A reflection painful that in some way is also addressed by his character, a filmmaker who reflects on the choices made throughout his life while his mind collapses on top of him. And of course, use your own experience and put it in the party gave its fruits: Antonio Banderas has won the award as best actor in the last edition of the Cannes film Festival.

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