Antonia Klugman, the real novelty of Masterchef


Published on Mar 13, 2018


Masterchef has just ended and crowned Simon Scipioni, of the new masterchef Italian, there are those who argue that the program is not particularly attractive, and always the same, with the characters unappealing, there are those who every year, not if they lose a bet.

Among the many different opinions, all agree on one thing: the real news of this edition Antonia Klugman.

Born in 1979 in trieste, understood at a relatively late stage of wanting to become a chef, 25 years old, at home in the disease due to a car accident you realize that the passion you can turn into a job, previously he had attended courses and internships.

Mature experience away from home, in a restaurant that opens up with the partner, gaining the first Michelin star, the cuisine is characterized by a visceral love towards the vegetable garden, a natural environment free where you can compare the ingredients out of the kitchen.

Back in Friuli, where he opened a restaurant in the province of Gorizia, The Bank to you can, 15 covered, within a few months after opening wins a Michelin star cooking with the herbs and the fruits of his garden, the flesh, the slovenian suppliers.

Argues that cooking is a craft, not just the talent but it also requires precision, reliability, ability to compare and knowing how to listen, can not miss imagination, sensitivity and beauty.

A Masterchef has emerged in the course of the episodes, showing himself to be humble, sincere, friendly but also strict when necessary, his eyebrow raised has become a distinctive trait, has anybody defined a Cracco-female, a cerberus.

Fit was not an easy one, the other judges Cannavacciuolo, Bastianich and Barbers, have put us to the test, the social network attacked it, sometimes heavily, to be a woman believed to have been a appearance, unfortunately, relevant.

Despite the criticism, the insults that have impressed and said to have been the equivalent of a violence, Klugman said he had a lot of fun.

In the beginning it all seemed alien, unusual, and very far from the reality I was familiar with then he is relaxed, he began to act as if it were his kitchen, picked up the pace, considering that the kitchen's hard work and merit has established better relationships with those who showed from the outset with respect for the ingredients and the raw material.

We will see next year, among the judges of Masterchef? Who knows, surely we'll hear more of her.




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