Antonello Colonna will manage the temporary restaurant in the Galleria Alberto Sordi

Published on Mar 14, 2018

The Galleria Alberto Sordi in Rome in Piazza Colonna, on the inside of the building is a shopping mall with about twenty shops and in a few months, even a temporary restaurant whose management is entrusted to the chef Column.

The idea is to bring back the building to the glory days of the twenties when it was inaugurated, at the time housed the palaces of finance, the headquarters of banks, luxury shops, and over the years has lost some of its luster, now the task to return it to its former glory it is up to the chef Column.

The chef says enthusiastically, considered it to be an act of love to Rome, points to a gastronomic offer of high level-we will call the Column in the Gallery, a space designed to offer everyone the opportunity to eat well during the day, so not only does the restaurant.

The chef Column, has been chosen for this new opening as a specialist of haute cuisine in particular places, the Open Colonna restaurant is located on the top floor of the palace of Exhibitions over the Gallery of modern Art, is always in the capital, a restaurant with ten thousand covered per month.

Ten thousand seats, four gastronomic proposals that can satisfy everyone, designed to accommodate those who have just visited a show, who wants to have a quick snack but also those who want a gourmet dinner.

The Gallery should open in a few months, after a restyling of the rooms, it aims to transform the Galleria Alberto Sordi, in a living room for the Roma, “good”, a little on the model of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, which boasts two michelin star restaurants, The Low and Cracco.



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