Antonella Elia wants to leave her boyfriend, Peter answers by the Morning, 5: “we will Not in the tv”


Published on Feb 28, 2020


Pietro Delle Piane was a guest in connection with the Morning 5 this morning, Friday, February 28. The man said the constant bickering between Antonella Elia and Valeria Marini in the house of Big Brother Vip 4 and the fact that his girlfriend wants to leave him. After some provocation of the showgirl, in fact, Elijah has pushed the Marine opening the controversy. After that, Valeria is also burst into tears in the house most watched of Italy claiming that Antonella is freaked out and has to leave the reality show on Channel 5. Let us go however to see that what Peter told Of the Plane in relation to two topics.

“Antonella is a little tested by this experience. Knowing her, I thought I could last even ten days,” said Pietro Delle Piane, the boyfriend of Antonella Elia in the Morning, 5. “It was put to the test by Big Brother...” said the man. Raffaello Tonon, in the study by Panicucci, he added that he is accustomed to use the hands and recalled the episode of the quarrel with Aida Yespica at The Island of the Famous, in which Antonella has her hair pulled to the woman. The boyfriend of the contestant of Big Brother Vip then complained to the presenter of the Morning 5 because it was halted by the guests in the studio of the transmission.

Antonella Elia, in the house, has expressed the desire to want to leave Peter after all the controversy emerged. “Knowing Antonella, we will on tv,” said Of the Plane. “According to me is a request for help, a provocation. Would that I was in the house. Or it could be that this thing of the pictures that came out... it May be that Antonella could have thought ‘leave it’. It's a risk. It can also happen that,“ he then added the boyfriend of Antonella Elia in the Morning, 5. A reaction a little peculiar, and he did note as well Federica Panicucci. “I am tired of this circus you are creating,” explained the man.

And about that photo with the Flower Silver... “I answer to me and to tell you the truth. Fiore says one thing instead of another. The hand, from the photos, you can see that there is,” said Peter Delle Piane. The director of the New, Riccardo Signoretti you are connected via phone with Federica Panicucci to reply to the boyfriend of Antonella Elia. We show you what happened with this video:

Intervenes in a direct #Mattino5 director Riccardo Signoretti to respond to Pietro Delle Piane

Peter continues to support you have met the Flower only for business reasons, and also leads to the enlargement of the photo to show that he was holding by the hand, and then the woman said a number of things that are inaccurate.

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