Antonella Elia out of control: “you gave Me two punches in the kidneys”, Valeria Marini asks for respect


Published on Mar 05, 2020


It is now really obvious that Antonella Elia has lost the perception of what reality is, because you get to talk about “two fists in the kidneys,” it's really too too excessive. The first time he did it with Patrick, accusing him of having moved more than a meter, the second time he jostled the Marine, but had been caused then in this case everything ends up tarallucci and wine...And today yet another scene that deserves to be in the magazine, but we never wanted to see. Valeria Marini has been accused of having given him two punches in the kidneys, two fists in the back. You can clearly see from the video, published among other things also on the social pages of the Big Brother VIP 4 that there is no punch ( we present the images because it is right that the house who has not seen the direct to see the scene to understand what they speak of).

While Valeria was near the sink, the Elijah has come creeping in and going to trample on the foot of the Marine who asked her to be careful. From here came the invective of Elijah, who has started to charge to give her two punches in the kidneys.

As you can see from the video, the Marine, with a finger, maybe two, barely back from Elijah. And this is his reaction:

Breaks out yet another clash between Valeria and Antonella... 🔥#GFVIP

Valeria tried not to respond, invited by the other guys to go over. But faced with continuing accusations of Elijah has not been able to fall silent, and he snapped. “You're not nobody to offend people,” said the Marine against Elijah again, among other things, he accused someone of having used violence. It is served apparently to nothing the video with Patrick, who had shown that mentisse.

“Your presence here is an insult to the public,” noted Valeria, who stressed that Antonella has been able to argue with Adriana and Lycia, which were two of her friends.

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