Antonella Clerici unrecognizable without the makeup and lights


Published on Oct 15, 2018


Antonella Clerici show without makeup on Instagram, the fans have filled with comments and once again post up the one of the Isoardi

A beautiful woman like Antonella Clerici is unsurpassed. The presenter is experiencing a beautiful moment of his life. In a few days will begin the Portobello and it promises to be a season that is very flourishing. And it is for this that he wanted to throw all the masks.

The former tv presenter de La Prova del cuoco, Antonella Clerici, he will be back soon on television with his Portobello that will see the presence also of the wife of Frizzi, Carlotta Mantovan. To thank his fans for the support and the constant presence in its program, the presenter wanted to show herself without make-up they deception.

Antonella has taken away the makeup, always turned off the lights of the spotlight and has taken a photo. Not all of her co-workers would have the same courage, Antonella, however, from the top of his television experience, he always knows how to surprise.

A myriad of comments and likes, and once again with a post easy to Antonella beats Elisa Isoardi, much less followed her on social media. His daughter, Maella grows serene, and she was able to recover, after betrayals and accusations, the relationship with the ex-Eddy Martens. To take care of his heart, at the age of 55, there is Vittorio Garrone, a mature love came for her in old age.

With the tankers and the relationship is wonderful. The relationship was so good that Clerici has decided to move the cabin and puppets, and move in with him to the north.And while Elisa Isoardi is hard to reconcile the ratings, the fans did not forget the Clergy, and continue to follow it with great affection, especially on social, where Antonella is very present. At the age of 55, Antonella Clerici, shows up on Instagram with no makeup and take the picture is Vittorio Garrone. The presenter opts for the natural beauty, the one without filters.

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