Antonella Clerici is revolutionizing the cut and The test of the cook, the advances and the new (Photos)


Published on Sep 05, 2017


In a really short time at the beginning of the new season, de La prova del cuoco, the return of Antonella Clerici in the tv in her preferred time, and in the south (photo). Many new advances de La prova del cuoco reveal, and also Antonella Clerici to whet the curiosity of all with the latest photos posted on Instagram, which adds to the nostalgia of the holidays and the new present. The presenter has already shown some photos of the new studio de La prova del cuoco, in preparation, not you can tell a lot, but there seems to be one giant screen. And’ one of the novelties of the cooking show because the experts of the kitchen this year will turn to Italy, showing us recipes and tradition. Change look also Antonellina that after removing the extension just want her hair without any fiction, then, always blonde, but with a cut more short.

We continue with the news that The test of the cook in this eighteenth edition will bring with him attempting to kidnap the most viewers possible. It will change the graphics but also the logo of the program on Rai 1; next to the Clergy there will always be Anna Moroni, while there is some substitution between the members of the jury. In the next few days you will officially complete cast de La prova del cuoco.

The photos published by Antonella Clerici in these days

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Holidays over, back to the house and to Maella yesterday has already started school; the photos of the new studio, the cut and color in the beauty shop of trust, and the memories of a holiday obviously special in Scotland with Vittorio Garrone and his family.

But when I start The test of the cook? Next Monday, the 11th of September, as always, before noon and will continue until the time of the newscast.

Are coming in the advances official, so stay tuned. Who will be in the cast of The trial of cook, who will remain instead at home this year?




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