Antonella Clerici back to The Proof of the Cook: she's on Instagram takes away any doubt

Published on Oct 04, 2018

Antonella Clerici has always been identified with The Test of the cook, when it went via the program has lost ratings, but people are still the rivorrebbe

Antonella Clerici may return to The Proof of the Cook? It is a desire of many viewers. A return of Antonella could surely bring pleasure to his fans.

In reality, now at the helm of Antonella Clerici there is Elisa Isoardi. But apparently there are many faces that haven't been satisfied by its conduction. There is one who shouts to big voice the return of Antonella that still made the program more homely.

The Isoardi is very good and professional but are unable to establish with the public the same relationship with his colleague. In the last few days had given hope for a photo with the chef Andrea Mainardi who is participating in the Big Brother Vip.

Unfortunately, however, despite everything, it seems that there are no more hopes at least for this edition of the review Antonella in the program. The reason for this? The tv presenter posted a picture in which while it is in the preparation of the new edition of the Portobello.

This is the caption that accompanied the shot:

“Begin the preparations... the emotion Rises on 27 October.

The fans are waiting anxiously, can't wait to see this new edition of the program.

Definitely will have pointers to the old edition, but it will be full of new and talented that will be fun and entertain us as we are by time. Every so often a return to the roots can make it more modern.

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