Antonella Clerici ‘back’ to ‘La Prova del Cuoco’: the message on social

Published on Sep 26, 2018

Antonella Clerici has never stopped having the passion for cooking. The beautiful Antonellina from his profile he posted a photo of when he was in ‘La Prova del Cuoco’, which is why

Antonella Clerici on social is back with a photo that rocked the fans of Elisa Isoardi. You should not fear his return to The Proof of the cook? Someone would also be glad to.

The new life of Antonella Clerici is pretty full. But the former host of ‘La Prova del cuoco’, he always finds the time for friends. Antonellina has published on his profile on Instagram a photo in the kitchen of ‘La Prova del cuoco’ in the company of Andrea Mainardi. A photo that has now given hope to his fans, which will surely riverrebbero in the famous program.

La Prova del cuoco conducted by Elisa Isoardi is not convincing. But Antonella has no intention to steal the scene to the partner of Salvini. Mainardi, now tenant of the Big Brother Vip, and a time a regular guest at La Prova del Cuoco.

Someone writes on social:

Miss you so much I can't watch the program.I grew up with “la prova del cuoco”.I was in college and that was my relaxation.I know the names of all the cooks from the first edition,I went crazy for Vincenzo short, it was a big family.

A nostalgic memory that has stirred all her fans:

I am sorry to say but the proof of the cook and aseptic and dull without your cooks, and without you .

Fans are waiting with anxiety to see the new Portobello, all reminisce about the Clerici and his chefs in the show-noon.

In the meantime, Isoardi runs to the guards and on his profile on Instagram and tries to woo the fans with pictures very sensual. Despite the many compliments, Elisa fails to attract to himself the sympathy of the fans.

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