Antonella Clerici and Maella prepare cake appetizer with cheese and hot dogs (Photos)


Published on Apr 21, 2020


Maella, the daughter of Antonella Clerici, is increasingly good in the kitchen, and today her mom showed the cake recipe drink, a cake made with puff pastry, cheese and sausage. A beautiful idea, a cake, drink easy, fast, delicious, can do it, even children. In fact, it is Maella that prepares all the while, Antonella Clerici explains the various steps. 20 minutes in the oven and Maella also shows how to eat this cake, and pastry. Many of the recipes that the presenter suggests on Instagram in this period of quarantine, many chef friends who cook for her, directed with sympathy and enthusiasm but the recipes of Maella remain the most simple and try it now.

Ingredients: sausage, cheese round type of brie, two rolls of puff pastry, an egg for brushing and sesame seeds

Preparation: lay the first circle of pastry leaving them under the parchment paper and we have the center of the cheese. Must be a cheese that has a round shape, type the brie, also suitable to melt in the oven. Cover with another disc of puff pastry.

Cut the sausage in pieces and place on the edge of the pastry. With the knife cut the top of pastry, we make two cuts to the sides of each sausage. We can now roll up the pastry around the sausage until the center of the cake.

We do the same with the browse button below, then cut the hot dogs in pieces, we have around the cake, on the edge. We do the same engravings on the sides of the sausages and roll the pastry over each sausage until you get to the cheese. We thus have two crowns and the cheese in the center.

Spennelliamo the cake with the beaten egg and complete with sesame seeds. put it in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. The result is delicious, we enjoy cutting it to pieces with the hands the piece of sausage in pastry, which we pass into the cheese and bon appetite to all.

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