Antonella Clerici, after the controversy burst into tears live

Published on Oct 28, 2018

These days, Antonella Clerici is broke down in tears live. The host of Portobello could not hide the emotion

And’ finally started the Portobello Antonella Clerici. The pretty tv presenter has opened the season of the new program with a full black and an embroidery theme, a beautiful parrot, but the emotion took over.

Antonella Clerici could not hold back the emotion for the start of a program history that a time and leading to an enormous television in italy, Enzo Tortora. Bringing back the memory of when he was younger and watched the program on television with her mother and sister, like many italians.

Shiny eyes, and great emotion to the presenter that she could not thank a great as the Turtledove that with his contribution he has made television better.

Antonella Clerici was not able to enter in the controversy, in recent days, about the flop of the Isoardi. It's not in support of the failure as the inability to continue on the same path.

Antonella, however, is trying to tie the knot all his energies in building a program that represents a real challenge. Like it? the challenge of listening is very difficult since Mediaset competes with great success, to You yes que vales.

The mechanism of the program is very similar to the original, and there is the risk that you make too many comparisons, or that the program is too stale. People who present inventions, a phone in and of course the ever-present parrot.

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