Ant-Man: Scott and Cassie Lang together for a new series


Published on Nov 05, 2019


Scott and Cassie Lang being merged, once again, for a new series that will debut this February. Ant-Man writer Zeb Wells and artists, Dylan Burnett and Mike Spicer put together the duo of father and daughter when an accident apparently on a small scale will become potentially a global scale.

“The series will open with a Scott Lang the unfortunate and the desperate search of adventure, until you end up involved in a job that only he can do. What starts out as a task apparently not heroic, for the local beekeepers quickly turns into a conspiracy that could threaten the Earth!“, it says in the description of Ant-Man made by Marvel, who continues: “During this journey, Ant-Man must not only prove to be a hero, but also a parent for his daughter, Cassie Lang. Superheroine herself, Cassie joins his father as a Stinger while the duo father/daughter embarks on the whole, this research is full of insects, along with many of your other Super Heroes of Marvel favorites!!!“.

Cassie has taken on the nickname of Stinger in 2016, in the Astonishing Ant-Man #6.

Finally, here's the cover illustration for the #1 of Ant-Man and its short description, the Marvel has not specified the length of the series:

Written by Zeb Wells
The art of Dylan Burnett
The cover of Eduard Petrovich

Ant-Man is back and is doing better than ever! Ehm, at least according to him, but Stinger, and the ant-hill in which he lives say otherwise. In an attempt to enhance the opinion of his daughter on him, Ant-Man takes a job from local beekeepers, only to discover a global conspiracy that could topple the world order! There is no time to call the Avengers, it looks like a job for ANT-MAN?! Join the explosive creative team of Zeb Wells (Nova) and Dylan Burnett (X-Force, the Cosmic Ghost Rider) while bringing Ant-Man to a whole new level in this epic adventure!

Ant-Man: Scott and Cassie Lang together for a new series of




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