Annihilation: online a new tv spot extended in the sci-fi movie with Natalie Portman

Published on Feb 06, 2018

On the occasion of the airing of the last episode of SNL, Paramount Pictures showed a new tv spot extended Annihilation, the sci-fi film starring Natalie Portman, guest of the evening), arriving in the cinema, the stars and stripes on the 23rd February.

The Area X is a protected area of the United States, denied for decades, that was secretly placed under quarantine due to unexplained anomalies, with the nature that is slowly again taken possession of the place, covering the last traces of human settlements.

Four scholars, including a biologist who lost her husband in a previous dispatch, are sent on-site to map the area and collect samples.

In fact, this is the twelfth expedition into Area X, with the first shipment that was returned, of course, referring to a landscape of edenic and untouched, while others are concluded in the manner most absurd: the members of the second expedition committed suicide and those of the third killed each other, while the eleventh expedition was able to make a return, but the components are sick of cancer shortly.

Prepared to expect everything, the women discovered an enormous anomaly, topography and life forms that surpass all understanding.

However, the secrets that they carry to represent the most severe hazard, radically changing the course of events.

Expected in us cinemas on the 23rd of February (while in Italy we'll see it through Netflix a few days after), the movie is the film adaptation of the first book of the trilogy, the eco-horror of the Southern Reach-Jeff VanderMeer, and includes among the members of the cast including Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson.

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